I'm back at WeRemote for co-working today, as I have to meet up with sir Ralph today. I must say, I still prefer this co-working space over the other co-working spaces I've been to, even though there are some obviously better establishments out there.

Why I still prefer WeRemote

WeRemote is cozy... not in the lazy-inducing way. In fact, the ambiance here just helps me concentrate, and their seats, oh yes, their seats are still perfect for working long hours.

Internet is great, seats are great, lighting is great, coffee is good-ish (I still prefer the nearby coffee shop though), and their front desk offer other items like drinks and snacks for sale, which is better than having to walk out for a while just to grab some snacks or energy drinks.

Some changes...

Some noticeable improvements over the last time I co-worked here is that their aircons are better and their pricing plans are better organized now.

They did step backwards on one area though... and it's that they used to have a better WiFi access portal. Not a big deal to be honest, but it would definitely feel a little more polished had they retained that system.

Areas for improvement

The same as my last blog post about WeRemote, making WeRemote more accessible through the internet is always something I am looking forward for. They are:

  • Online booking and payment
  • Online dashboard with membership (to review past invoices/bookings)

The two items I listed above is something that their nearest competitor has, which is just a few blocks away. I would love WeRemote edging them out even on this area.

I do have to note though that it seems to be possible to book a seat through coworker.com. I will have to still see if you can review your previous bookings through coworker.com, as that is something that I would like especially when Admin/HR asks for it for budget/tax reasons.

WeRemote also hosts multiple workshops/events/conferences, and seems to do really well to target their potential customers: individual entrepreneurs. The improvement that I'd like to see is that existing local established technical groups would use WeRemote to host their conferences.

Snagging a technical group, just like their nearby competitor who hosts the local Salesforce community group, would give a boost to WeRemote's visibility among remote software developers... Which in my opinion holds a lot of value due to the importance of collaboration on at least one point of their trade, especially during project kick-offs (defining requirements, planning sprints, etc.) and during project releases.

This group of people also naturally have the money to spend for co-working spaces like this one as they are currently on the higher-end of the salary graph in the Philippines.