Co-working in Clock-In BGC

The last time we did our sprint planning, we were in Alabang. It was way too far from me, so for next sprint, we looked for a space in BGC. Clock-In was interesting, albeit a little pricier than all of the other co-working spaces we tried for the few months. It was interesting because it's owned by a major real-estate company, Ayala Land, which is a subsidiary of Ayala... Which so happens to be the owner of the whole BGC area. We were expecting a better experience here compared to the other co-working spaces we tried.

The Good

Location. It's located right at Bonifacio high street. There are plenty of establishments around that you could hang out in for lunch or if you just want to get some air. Most co-working individuals are either creatives or engineers, and some tasks/problems may benefit from such breaks :)

The High Tables. These tables were just right for my height, wherein I could stand and work, which is sometimes what you just need while working long hours. There are even standing desks invented for that! I suppose not everyone would appreciate this, but if you're around 5'8", you'll like the high tables.

The Meh

Internet. The internet speed was adequate, around 20Mbps tops, with the an average of 10~15Mbps for most of the time. That's not slow, but is not as fast as compared with the other 2 remarkable co-working spaces at Pasig (The Loft and WeRemote). I was expecting the speed to be faster, considering that Ayala has their own Telecom company. I mean, surely the could've leveraged that and had some backdoor access to dramatically increase their internet speed, right?

Also, the 620 pesos per day price made the 10~15Mbps look inadequate.

The Space. It was small. Well, there are plenty of rooms, but the common area that is available for co-workers isn't huge. There are only few high chairs that are comfortable enough for working too... and a very limited number of power sources.

The Chairs. The high chairs were hard. You'll need to move about, maybe standup while working from time to time, and not sit through 4 hours straight or you're bottom wouldn't be happy about it.

The Bad

The Tables. The high tables were great, but the small tables were awful. There were a couple of tables that were slant, like as if they valued the design more than its practicality. The chairs paired with these tables were also designed in such a way that you would use your laptops as... a laptop. I mean, literally put your laptops on your laps because the tables were just too low, poorly designed, and the chairs were far back that you'll sprain your back if you insist on using the tables.

Amenities. They said that there's free coffee... and yes, they do have a coffee dispenser, but you'll need to bring your own mug. Like, what? Just a few minutes away is ASpace, which even got their own barista for their coffee, while this co-working space does not even have mugs.

The Price. Due to the fact that nothing was remarkable on this co-working space, 620 pesos is just not the right price. If it was cheaper than The Loft, I would've been a little more forgiving.


I was expecting more from this space as it's an Ayala owned company. But alas, it didn't quite hit it. It is pricey but lacked value. It should've at least tried to be worth its price.

However, this critical review is only for their branch in BGC high street. Based on their website, other branches had quite a decent value/price. The one at Ayala 30th, Pasig, had a package of 15,000 a month for 3 people. That's a steal, if you ask me! I would like to try out their Pasig branch to know if the 15,000 a month is actually worth it :)