Today there were a couple of civil workers that roamed around our subdivision to administer a couple of vaccines for polio and measles. I didn't want my children to take it mainly because they are already getting their shots from their pediatrician, and the fact that since there's a pandemic around, I didn't want my kids to be at an infection-distance with a health worker that most likely visited numerous other places with minimal protection against the pandemic. I wasn't confident enough that they adhered to strict protocols that would've otherwise be enforced in a private hospital/clinic.

Another thought that stroke my mind while thinking of other reasons why I really wasn't looking forward with the municipal-sponsored vaccination was that they should provide these services to those who really need it. Vaccines cost money, and the money of the municipality isn't exactly overflowing.

What if they administered the free vaccination to a household that could afford to get it themselves, and they ran out of vaccines before they were able to administer it to those who actually need it, those who got the short end of the stick specially when the pandemic ravaged the country? Wouldn't it be a lost chance to actually help those in need?

That's just my take on it, I mean there are others that are leaning more towards the opportunistic side of things, and there's nothing wrong with that, you do you, as long as it's all legal and you did not bend the law as far as you could, going through loopholes just to get the upper-hand.

I, on the other hand, would prefer to raise my kids as empathetic individuals rather than self-centered brats, and that would all have to start with me as a parent to set the example that they would hopefully follow.