Working around personal limitations

I've had a conversation with my wife, AC, when she said that she forgot her gmail password again. I told her to just download LastPass so that it'll do the remembering for her. She was reluctant, but I installed it for her anyways.

Some people are blessed with great memory, and unfortunately I'm not one of those blessed souls. My wife has a better memory than I do, but her memory does not fair well in remembering passwords, and probably also phone numbers (since they have similar characteristics of being essentially a bunch of random characters/numbers).

But I tend to never have an issue with passwords due to my use of password managers, and I tend to not forget what I'm supposed to do within the day due to my excessive use of planners and calendar events... and that's what I wanted to point out to my wife, that just like any problems that needs solving, the first step is to acknowledge that there's a problem, then analyze what the issue is, and then figure out a solution to the problem based on the data you got from your analysis.


My issue was that I keep on forgetting things. No matter how hard I try, I find my memory degrading as time passes by, and since there's no real cure to this curse, I figured out that a physical solution, well in this case, a digital solution is the way to go.

This could be applied to almost every aspect in our lives, and not to just our weaknesses.

  • Very busy to cook dinner? You order food.
  • Bad eyesight? Get glasses.
  • Know how to drive, but no parking at the office? Grab a cab.
  • Got leaks in the house, and you know you'd never do a proper fix for that leak? You call the handyman.
  • I know how to nail pieces of wood together, but would take years to build a cabinet from scratch? Hire a carpenter.

Given that there are a lot of cases that does not really have a workaround, for cases that does, we should take advantage of those workarounds.

Back to the subject note, sometimes we were just unfortunate to inherit a few more faulty genes than others, and we can't really do anything about it to permanently cure it. We have to rely on figuring out the best possible solution to work around that weakness.

This is exactly what people with disabilities/impairments do. They use whatever tools is available for them to workaround their handicap. And in an extent, this is what all of us has to do for whatever known weaknesses we have. Figure out how to adapt.